Ammonium sulphate

         JSC Naftan, the plant Polymir, Novopolotsk, Vitebsk region is selling ammonium sulphate (further in the text -the product) at the bidding, outside the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
         The form of the bidding: auction with increase of price.
         Date, time and place of conduction: from September 25, 2019 at 11.00 a.m. at the Unified Trading Platform of the Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry Belneftekhim (further in the text - UTP), electronic auction will be held (further in the text - E-Trade) for export sale of the product belonging to OJSC Naftan, the plant Polymir. The E-auction for ammonium sulphate sale can be continued within following working days on the same conditionals.
         E-Trade is organized by: Unitary Enterprise "Belarusian Petroleum Trading House".
         The name of the product - ammonium sulphate.
         Producer: OJSC Naftan, the plant Polymir, Novopolotsk
         Quantity: 60 tonnes +/- 10% (divisible lot). The lot can be divided into sublots.
         Quality parameters:  Control method TU BY 300041455.007-2001




White or light-gray crystals

Nitrogen content in dry matter, % not less


Mass fraction of free sulfuric acid,%, not more


Friability, %


Mass fraction of water,%, not more


Mass fraction of water-insoluble residue,%, not more


         Packing of the product: 1000+/-25 kg big bags and / or 50 +/- 5 kg polypropylene bags of (shipment in bags excluding marking on the package and TU).
         Delivery term: October, 2019.
         Supply markets: all markets except Iran. To participate in bidding for the right to conclude a contract for the supply of ammonium sulphate to the markets of Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Turkey, China, Estonia, only Belneftekhim commodity distribution network entities and end users - Unitary Enterprise "Belarusian Petroleum Trading House" package of documents confirming the status of the end user. Companies - residents of Iran, as well as companies that have Iranian capital in the authorized capital, are not allowed to participate.
         Way of provision of obligations. The auction will be held without deposit.
         Conditions of payment for the product: advance payment (100%).
         Currency of the Bidding: euro.
         Currency of the Contract: euro, Russian rubles. Conversion of price set in euro into Russian rubles is carried out at the cross-rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the date of the bidding.
         Information about the conditions of payment for the product: The winner of the bidding is obliged to pay in advance for the product according to the terms of the contract.
         Conditions (basis) of product delivery: FCA Novopolotsk, DAP the border of the Republic of Belarus (rail transport). When delivered by rail, shipment is carried out in covered wagons of the inventory of railways.
         Obligatory conditions of the contract:
         The Buyer is obliged before supposed date of shipment of the product to provide the Seller with the following documents:
   1) Buyer's application for the shipment of the product with an indication of the consignee (his legal and mailing address, bank details) and the quantity of the product to be shipped;
   2) the instructions for completing the CMR / bill of lading (when shipping by rail transport).
         If the Buyer evades the payment for the product it pays the penalty in the amount 5 % of the sum the payment which he has evaded.
         The refusal to pay shall be understood to mean a documented fact of direct refusal to pay for the product and the absence of payment for the product during 10 calendar days after the payment due date.
         If the payment for the product has been delayed up to 3 days inclusive the Seller has the right to submit the forfeit to the Buyer in the amount 0,1% of the sum of the delayed payment per each day of delay in payment; if the payment for the product has been delayed above 3 days, starting from the 4th day of delay in fulfillment of the obligation - in the amount 0,3 % of the sum of the delayed payment per each day of delay in payment.
         If the Buyer refuses to pay for the product, the Seller does not exact from the Buyer the fine for infringement of the term of payment under the contract and the penalty for delayed or incomplete shipment of the product.
         In the case of importation of goods into the territory of the EAEU countries, the buyer undertakes to provide the seller within 120 (one hundred twenty) days from the date of shipment of the products two original copies of the appropriate statement (s) on the import of goods and payment of indirect taxes with a mark of the tax authority of the buyer's country confirming the payment of indirect taxes in full, or certified copies of the buyer's application for import of goods and payment of indirect taxes and a notice of the mark of the buyer's tax authority in respect of this statement, certified by the signature and seal of the buyer., confirming the fact of payment of indirect taxes in full (hereinafter-the import statement). The information specified in the application for importation must correspond to the data of the tax authorities of the buyer's country and the Republic of Belarus.
         For violation of the terms of submission of applications for import, the buyer shall pay the seller penalties in the amount of 0.03% of the amount of the shipped goods, for which the application is not provided within the period stipulated by the contract, for each day of delay.
         In order to ensure the proper performance by the buyer of its obligations to pay indirect taxes, the buyer provides the seller with monetary security in the amount of 20% (twenty percent) of the value of the products shipped under the contract (hereinafter - monetary security). After confirmation by the tax authority of the Republic of Belarus of the legality of application of the zero rate of value added tax, the monetary security shall be returned to the buyer.
         Under the agreement of the parties, a different method of ensuring the fulfillment of obligations to pay indirect taxes by the buyer when importing goods to the markets of the EAEU countries may be provided.
         If the tax authority withdraws its previously certified application for import of goods to the territory of the EAEU countries, the buyer shall pay the seller a fine of 25% (twenty-five percent) of the value of products in respect of which the tax authority has withdrawn its previously certified application for import of goods to the territory of the EAEU countries, as well as reimburse the seller for the funds actually paid to the budget of the Republic of Belarus in the form of fines and economic sanctions.
         The term granted to the winner of the bidding for conclusion of the contract for supply of the product: within 5 working days from the date of the bidding. If the winner of the bidding does not sign the contract, the Seller has the right to refuse to conclude the contract and the Seller shall not bear any responsibility in this regard.
         The auction quantity of the product can be changed by the Commission of the Seller before the auction is opened. In this case participants will be informed about the changes.
         The Commission of the Seller has the right to abandon the auction or to change auction conditions at any time before the auction or during the auction.
         The procedure of participation in the auction.
         Submission by the Buyer of an application for participation means agreement with the conditions specified in the notification.
         To be admitted to participate in the bidding, the bidders should consider the information available at the website: in the sections "News", "Rules" and register in the section "Registration" (the account will be activated after providing the package of documents) and submit the duly arranged set of establishment and registration documents, confirming the legal status and legal capacity: legalized extract from the trade register (registration) of the country of establishment; charter; certificate of registration; a document confirming the right of signature. Documents must be apostilled, translated into Russian and notarized.
         Please, send your documents to the following addresses:
   - to UE "Belarusian Petroleum Trading House" (in the original):
UE "Belarusian Petroleum Trading House", Department of sales organization at UTS, the Republic of Belarus 220116, Minsk, Dzerzhinsky Avenue, 73;
   - to OJSC Naftan  the plant Polymir (copies):
the Plant Polymir. 211441, Novopolotsk-5, Vitebsk Region, Republic of Belarus
or by fax: +375 214 557941; +375 214 557984; +375 214 557992;
or by e-mail
         Should any questions arise regarding the registration in the E-Trade System, as well as providing information on the proposed lots, please, contact Anzhelika Vitalievna Illarionova, tel.: (+375 17) 2771938.
         In case if the bidding does not take place, it is shifted to the other date about which the participants will be additionally informed.
         The bidders will participate in the auction through the Internet at the site of E-Trade System (

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